About Luxia

Luxia Lighting is a company born in Chile in 2006, but created much earlier: 5 friends and colleagues of the Master in Lighting Design at IED Milan 2004, dreaming of a new global way of giving innovative solutions to the world of lighting design.
Ximena Muñoz, Architect and Lighting Designer, prompted the birth of this company, with the objective of addressing the light as an EXPERIENCE, covering every sense of thepeople using the technology for sustainable lighting and high quality.

About us

We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals to tackle each challenge, architects, industrial designers, journalists, engineers and specialists in electronics and interactivity.
LAB are a light, constantly seeking innovative solutions in the field of lighting.


Ximena Muñoz: CEO
Monica Labra: Industrial design
Macarena Meza: Industrial design
Cristian Dreyer: Industrial design
Pablo Sills: Energy Efficiency
David Piró: Electrical Engineer

What we do?

Develop projects and lighting products from the technical point of view, visual andsustainable, in order to be a contribution to projects of architecture and design,promoting energy conservation and quality of life of people.


Because we love the light, design and innovation. Because we are convinced that good lighting helps improve the quality of life of people. Because we know that in the future will always be more important to incorporate a sustainable and intelligent lighting to all areas of projects.


DIAV (www.diav.cl)
TRICICLOS (www.triciclos.cl)
NORCOTEK (www.norcotek.cl)
RUKA (www.ruka.cl)