XM y PV leaves us bewildered with this lighting installation that evokes the sea Wired Magazine Harrods Invaded (where jellyfish glow gracefully) theANEMIX at Harrods Fashion rhymes with Interaction A lighting system capable of creating unique 3D effects The display windows of Harrods designed by two Chilean Chilean lights up Harrods's windows with hi tech lighting Lights for global architecture Rare bioluminescence phenomenon surprises in exhibition Chilean techno lighting conquers the world Milan Design Week Lighting Trends. 1001 lights Milan Furniture Fair 2007, behind the trends in furniture and decoration Welcome to theANEMIX Lightened by the Sea Depth Indoor Sea Lights Milan Furniture fair 2007 The Anemix, science fiction lights New Lights Design System Emerges From Deep End Geekologie The Anemix by Ximena Munoz and Paulina Villalobos The Anemix - 3D Effect Lighting System The dreams to come Luce e design Magazine